Yin Yang New Designs

The yin-yang has been a symbol that I have always liked. It holds profound meaning. There are many natural dualities to life. Things that cannot exist without their opposite. Light and dark…what is one without the other? The design is simple and clean. It seems to be  in perpetual motion. I think it is timeless and beautiful!

I have created a shirt in which the yin-yang is composed of binary. The outer ring is binary as well with an explanation of the yin-yang. I made this shirt because when I Googled “binary yin-yang T-shirt”, I could not find one! Sometimes I make shirts just because I think they would be cool and want to wear them!

I also have created a yin-yang made out of the bonsai tree. Now this design, I know is not all that original. Still, I wanted to make a version of it for fun and so I could wear it! 🙂

Check out the Binary Yin-Ying shirt HERE!!! (UNISEX)

Check out the Bonsai Yin-Yang shirt HERE!!! (UNISEX)

Check out the Bonsai Yin-Yang shirt HERE!!! (Woman style)

Is there a Yin-Yang concept you want and can’t find online? Let me know! I’ll design it with you!

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