The Minneapolis Club – Amiable Libels – Pub Art

Back in 2010 I was contacted by The Minneapolis Club to do artwork for their pub. The Minneapolis Club is a private club located in downtown Minneapolis. It is a historic institution that has existed since 1883. Many big name locals have been members of this elite club.

While cleaning in one of their attics they came across a book called Amiable Libels – More than One Hundred Sketches of Minneapolitans by Francis Marion Wing (Frank Wing) and Charles Lewis Bartholomew. 

The book Amiable Libels – More than One Hundred Sketches of Minneapolitans was just that! A book full of inked drawings of famous or prominent Minneapolitans. For the pub artwork, they wanted to take some copies of Mr. Wing’s art of Minneapolis Club members from the 1916 era and have me create art of the present day members.

I was honored to be asked and humbled to say the least. I was amazed with Frank Wing’s work! He was a true draftsman. There was no way I could do him any justice but it was my job to do my best! 

Below are some samples of Frank Wing’s artwork. (I had scans of only a few pages for my reference.)

Here’s a few samples of artwork I created.

I learned a lot from doing this project. I am not sure if the art is still hanging in the pub but I was glad to have been a part of it.

The book is available on Google Books HERE.