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I have created illustration and design for a number of projects. One particular type of project I have been doing more and more of is customized artwork and graphics for T-shirt and merch! 

Friends, family, clients alike have worked with me to make their ideas into a reality and something memorable to share! Shirts and clothing for group gatherings, team sports, nostalgic reasons — whatever it may be!

Below are a few I have worked on recently.

CSP Gang 2020

Here’s a cartoony graphic I created for a friend’s horse riding group. The art represents an inside joke that only those who were there and ride horses may understand. I am not going to try to explain it because I am sure something would be lost in translation. It was funt to try to capture expressions and illustrate something challenging.

The Sun Drive Inn – Tom Senko

My cousin surprised her husband with a gift of an illustration of a few of the classic cars he owned from years gone by. The Sun Drive Inn was the place to hangout and to drag race!

I had fun trying to get the feel of an old poster and mix that with the feel of Auto Show art.

(More about The Sun Drive Inn)

Via Barbara Hering Sworski:

Sun Drive Inn – 28th & Central Avenue NE, Mpls. Circa 1954

Est.1954 by Warren W. “Bill” Nelson (RHS June, ’46), partnered with Ray Truelson (RHS June ’46) in a drive-in restaurant called the Flat Top Drive-Inn in the late 1940s. After his first success, Warren later opened the Sun Drive-Inn on Central Avenue in Northeast Minneapolis. It became the place to go in Northeast Minneapolis where the Sun Burger was popular with the crowds. Few will remember the early days when Warren would hire country western singers to sit on the back fence and play on sunny Sunday afternoons. Many, though, will remember the Sun in the 1960s with the lines of cars snaking through the lot and the drone of the many V8s on Saturday nights. People also came to see the billboard featuring original art work by local artists that reflected the turbulent times. It has been many years since the Sun has been in operation.

Photo courtesy of Gary Jevnager &


Every year part of my family does a fall tour where they pay their respects to those who have passed on and then enjoy the company of those still here. I think it is a great idea to pay respects and teach the young ones about family that they didn’t get to meet while creating new happy memories!

They visit:

The Sheridan Memorial Park 

(a park where my uncle Howard Weller worked hard to create. Read more about it HERE.)

Hillside Cemetery and St. Michael’s Cemetery

A place where many family members rest.

Pleasant Valley Apple Orchard and Waldoch Farm

JUDO Tomoe-Nage and JUDO Kata-Guruma

I have been lucky to be commissioned to do artwork for a regular comic book convention fan who is a great guy and friend. He is also a Judo competitor and I am sharing some of the art designs I created for him. Judo characters inspired by Street Fighter art representing a couple of Judo throws! Tomoe-Nage and Kata-Guruma

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