HALLOWEEN Projection Artwork

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year! It’s great seeing the joy kids have when dressing up and going trick-or-treating! Well, not so much this year… Halloween is fun for people of all ages to wear fun costumes and hanging out! Again, maybe not this year. 2020 may not be good all around for “get-togethers” but adapting to find ways to enjoy the holidays in this new normal is possible. People can enjoy decorations while social distancing and wearing a mask is normal at Halloween!

I worked at a company from 2015-2017 where I designed holiday decorations and various products. I still sometimes do work for them as a freelancer. Seasonal Specialties is located in Eden Prairie and you will see a lot of their products in stores like Target, Menards and CostCo. 

I saw that Target has some products I help develop in stores for Halloween and Christmas! For Halloween I made an illustration of a scary skeleton ghost that is used in a projection decoration. (Click here to see other Halloween Projection art I created for them!)

This cool plasma skull was another one that is still being sold!
I definitely have one in my studio!

This cat decoration is fun for Christmas!
I don’t  know if you figured it out but I love cats!

I can share other products I have worked on in the future. It makes me happy to see my art and designs in stores but even more to see them projected on people’s garage doors or sitting on their front steps!