CBS Big Brother Season 22 – Episode 30

2020 has brought some good things! I was contracted by Our House Productions to work on artwork for Big Brother on CBS. I feel very fortunate because it is my four season in a row working with them! In addition to creating some of the art for the BB Comics challenge I also do concept art for other challenges on the show when needed.  

For BB Comics, I get briefing for each person I am to do a cover for along with some reference material, such as house guest photos. I have become a fan over the years and I TiVo each episode! I get additional reference of house guests from my TiVo recordings. I work off of my Wacom Cintiq connected to my iMac Pro. On the screen for the iMac Pro I put up all the reference and I sketch in Photoshop on the Cintiq.

First I like to start with a head sketch of the house guest because to me, the likeness is the most important part. After I get a likeness, I do a super quick sketch of the body situation and theme. I start refining it by adding a new layer and drawing on top. I may do this phase a few times.

After the sketch is mostly there I email to the producers to take a look at it. I then wait for their feedback and address any notes they have.

Once I have the approval I will start inking. I have been enjoying inking in Clip Studio Paint. I like the options of variations in the brushes they have. The action is good to as far as tapering and leaving a clean edge.

I bring the cleaned up art back into Photoshop and lay in flat colors. After flat colors are done the real fun starts! Rendering the highlights and shadows and adding textures!

After putting on the BB Comics seal, the title and tagline, it is time to send to the producers to get any final adjustments. Once approved, I email the PSD file and any/or other file types they might like. ALSO, if they need me to make a “B” version of the comic (the variant cover to throw off house guests) I will make tweaks or additional at this point generally.

If you haven’t seen Big Brother and are curious about it, Season 22 has two weeks left but you can see episodes on

Big Brother S22 Episode 30 – BB COMICS HERE!

I have all the cover I have done HERE!

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