ART For Bands! – Higgins & Hensel and Whiskey Stone

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say one of the many things that have been missing from our lives during the pandemic is LIVE MUSIC! Seeing live shows are a lot of fun and a way to unwind after a stressful work week.

As I think back to seeing live music, I am reminded of a couple illustrations I did for some great local bands!

Pat Higgins and Darren Hensel are killer musicians that play in a few bands but teamed up to do a fun side project called HIGGINS & HENSEL. They are an acoustic duo that plays everything from the 50’s to today. I also designed their logo on their poster!

Pat has been a friend since we were in high school. He got a hold of me in 2018 to do some promo art. He wanted an eye-catching illustration that they could use online and to post in various venues with upcoming dates of shows.

It was fun to create because he wanted me to make it wacky so people would stop to look at it! I did caricatures of them riding T-rex dinosaurs while playing guitars in superhero outfits while they were chasing ice cream cone people and the T-rexes were shooting lasers out of their eyes! Pretty wacky if you ask me!

Darren is in a band called WHISKEY STONE and wanted to do a similar thing. WHISKEY STONE consists of Christina Rayne (vocals), Zach Spicer (drums, vocals), Jeff Lungstrom (bass) and of course Darren Hensel (guitar,vocals).

For WHISKEY STONE, the poster has Darren dressed as a Canadian Mountie playing an electric guitar with super electrified strings, Christina as a superhero with a tambourine blazing on fire  as her chickens fly through, Jeff playing a melting cheese bass guitar while dressed in a top hat and tux…on his upper half and Zach shirtless but wearing Zubaz and a hat like a stuffed animal mascot they bring to shows and his drum sticks are glowing like magic wands!

I have a lot of fun working on these types of projects where the client asks me to just create something fun and wacky!

Hopefully in 2021, we will see the return to live music and all the social interaction and gatherings we used to do!